Where Do I Get Blockchain Engineering Clients From?

by Merunas Grincalaitis

Click on the titles below that interest you the most to learn how do I get clients in that particular website. It's all from my own personal experience.

You can trust my advice because it worked well for me, I got more than 7 different jobs either as a fulltime developer or an Individual Contractor in all of them.

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There are lots of subreddits dedicated to Ethereum related content where job opportunities abound such as /r/ethdev specially the "Monthly who's hiring and who's for hire", /r/ethtrader and /r/ethereum.

Comment as much as you can to help people out. Do it 5 times a day and people will start contacting you for job opportunities if you demonstrate that you know your stuff and that you provide actionable value.


One of the best websites for applying to blockchain startup projects. Create an excellent, clean resume with all the relevant information for each specific work. Your goal is to demostrate people that you are an expert. Apply to each project with a dedicated focus to understand their goals and objectives by reading the descriptions.

First go to angel.co/jobs and search for something related to blockchain and ethereum. Search "Ethereum", "Ethereum developer", "Smart contract", "Blockchain" and "Solidity". If you have additional skills, make sure to search for them to find companies relevant to you.

Click on "Apply Now" for the projects that interest you the most. Don't go there thinking "I have to apply to as many jobs as I can". That's not the best attitude because you'll get matches with lots of companies that don't really resonate with you. You can only work for 1 or 2 projects with your full dedication. So be picky with your choices. Choose only those that excite you because of their values.

After that it's a matter of keeping in touch with them. You'll get on a skype call to discuss the details. In all the companies that I've worked with, I had to get on a call to get to know each other and to set up the cost of your services.


Medium is the best blogging platform for anyone who wants to focus on delivering good content. I use it to write long, insightful pieces of content that help people. This is how it works:

  1. Go to the page, open an account and set up your profile photo.
  2. Start writing about your experiences. I found out that the articles that resonate with people the most are story articles. Those where you talk about some experience you had. What you learned from it. How it worked out. Dedicate about 3 days to create a big article regarding some experience of yours. The topic is up to you, something that you remember intensely.
  3. Aim to write 5,000 words or more. It will be hard to write that much at the beginning but only the most valuable content gets attention. It's great to focus on writing long content at first. Later on you'll be able to focus on writing more information-dense content with fewer words. Publish your article with lots of proper images.
  4. After that, promote it on reddit, twitter, facebook, facebook groups, instagram and on forums. People will start coming because your article is well-crafted.
  5. You'll receive several hundreds if not thousands of visitors. Some of them will contact you to your email for job opportunities. This only works if the content that you published demostrates your expertise about a specific topic, in this case about Blockchain technology.

Finally keep in touch with those that want to work with you, get on a skype call as soon as possible and start working. Depending on your effords dedicated to create an interesting article and to promote it, you'll get attention sooner or later. Be patient and keep working while the opportunities come to you.


The best social media platform for getting jobs. It's where you'll find most of the companies looking for employees. This is how it works best:

  1. Sign in to your account, dedicate 30 minutes to set up an excellent profile with a great photo, description and past experiences. If you don't have experience, go get it by creating your own projects to apply what you learned from past courses.
  2. Create a top resume that looks crisp and gets to the point.
  3. Go to the "Jobs" section and search for "Ethereum", "Ethereum developer", "Smart Contract", "Blockchain" and "Solidity". The location doesn't matter because you'll end up working remotely from your home, which is the best way to get high-paying jobs while keeping your autonomy.
  4. Apply to them with your best resume and a personalised cover letter. Make sure that you understand the company before writing your proposal because the best way to get noticed is to develop a personalised message.

After applying you'll be able to get on a call and start working with your preferred company. Funnily enough, I get invitations from my medium articles which was a surprise since I didn't know people use linkedin that much.


A great website for finding jobs without much competition. This page is not so well known which is great for jobs that you won't find elsewhere. Simply click on the job postings that catch your eye and apply to them by sending a personalised email.

Note that you don't have to fulfil all the requirements. You'll learn all you need during the job and on your own.

From my experience this page is great. I got several jobs that turned out great because the companies behind are serious.


Probably the most famous dApp out there. This is a decentralized freelance platform that works with metamask. Just create a profile with your metamask account, add a photo, a great description about what you can offer to the business and save that information on the blockchain.

Because this app works with Ethereum every transaction will have a small cost. That's part of the process. After having a good profile, start applying to jobs until you find one that works for you.

Personally I didn't have much success with this website. It seems like companies there are looking for the best of the best. Still, it's worth the attempt. The idea is that you check it often for new opportunities.


The most well-known freelance platform. There is a lot of competition there for small and simple jobs. Not so much for the complex problems that could potentially pay a lot in the long-term.

As always, set up an excellent profile. You have to actually be proud of how you look there otherwise don't waste your time. Your goal here is to search for Ethereum and Blockchain jobs without many applicants, always where the employer is serious.

How do you know who's serious and who's wasting your time? A precise job post description, past experiences, good ratings and in general a proactive attitude will indicate you who's going to pay you and who's not when the job is completed.

Demand some sort of upfront payment on all ocasions since there are lots of fake businesses that want you to work for free or for extremely low prices. Don't even try to compete with them, ignore those offerings and go for the real ones where there's a clear description and the employer has experience.

In my experience, it's harder to get a job there yet it's worth your time. I got my first job for 1k dollars there and it was quite enjoyable.