About Me

by Merunas Grincalaitis

My name is Merunas Grincalaitis as you already know. I was born in Lithuania that's why my name is so cool and weird, people have a hard time pronouncing it yet I love it and it makes for a good laugh. I moved to Spain with my family when I was 4 so my main language is spanish. Sadly I almost forgot all spoken lithuanian even though I understand it quite well when someone talks to me.

One fascinating thing about myself is that I love doing business. Not many people are doing it for the fun and the love of helping significant others, that's the focus that I want to keep and develop in the future. I've worked with more than 7 companies helping them create ICOs, dApps, web apps and audits so that they improve the "Ethereum ecosystem" as I like to call it.

You may think that those are lots of different companies for someone that's being just 2 years in the Ethereum development world though for me it's perfectly fine. That's who I am. When I finish the contract or the service I like to move on to experience different products. It's just a part of me to be curious of new things constantly.

Now 25, I'm producing Ethereum development videos and written tutorials to help developers like you get to where I am. My guides are notorious for being large and simple to understand because I want to reach people from all walks of life. I understand how hard some things are to learn when you start programming software which, on top, are overcomplicated by confusing guides. You probably have read one of my guides and you may even like them.

I do them for free because I can affort it, which wasn't the case 2 years ago where I was trying to develop lots of different business ideas. Still, none of them really took off. I started more than 5 different blogs, created unity videogames, mobile applications and advanced web apps including custom ecommerce websites. I don't regret trying all of those things nevertheless I've learned that I was doing something very wrong. It was the fact that I was producing lots of cheap, short yet useless content. I was focusing on the short term because I needed results.

That's why I decided to change. To create not as much content, but a few really long and insightful pieces of knowledge to help people get further in their careers. Most of my videos guides are about 1 hour long. The blog articles usually get to 20 minutes or more in read time. When it comes to personal life, I love to play all kinds of sports such as tennis or bodybuilding even if I don't practice them that much. I truly enjoy being in the mountains and the beach.

Recently, I started to get in the fascinating world of photography. It is something that feels like creating art. Creating art with technology. Just like being a web developer or a programmer since we are here to help others with beautiful content that actually delivers value. I play piano almost daily. Sometimes just for fun trying different patterns, at other times more seriously to learn new songs. Most of what I do is really fullfilling however that mental and physical peace has a cost...

The cost of overcoming fear, laziness and resistance. I believe that all good things in life have some aspect that it's surprisingly hard. To play piano well you have to do long hours of focused playtime daily. To become a highly paid developer you have to work on lots of differents products to learn new techniques and improve your craft.

To become a good writer, you have to write daily, long pieces of useful content while you have to actively improve what you're doing by re-reading what you write.

Next time you write something, have a thesaurus next to you. Exchange words often to get a remarkable result. Use summaries and shortcuts because people forget things quickly. Did you remember that I said that 2 years ago I was broke? As funny as it sounds I'm not making this up. Probably you don't recall it since we are wired that way. We forget things we don't care that much because they are not useful in that very moment.

Anyway, you now know me better. The cool thing about writing is that it feels like having a conversation with another person without being there. It's comparable to receiving friends daily to your home, ain't that cool?

In summary, I'm a cool dude doing crazy projects for fun. I enjoy all kinds of sports, music and people. I'm focusing on improving my focus to be able to create more meaningful work.

Finally I want to say that I really appreciate you being here, the fact that you know me means a lot to me so thank you. If you want to learn more about me: check my book, videocourse and articles. Feel free to hit me up to my email down below and let's keep the conversation going. Few things are more valuable than a great conversation with interesting people.