The Ultimate Beginners Smart Contract Ethereum Course

The Ultimate Beginners Smart Contract Ethereum Course

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This video course will teach you the fundamentals of Smart Contract programming with the Solidity language on the Ethereum blockchain so that you can begin your career as a blockchain developer.

If you're a beginner lost by all the confusing information on the internet, if you don't know where to start to become a blockchain developer and if you want a strong career in blockchain for years to come, this course is for you.

I've created it from scratch because I realized how many programmers were interested in starting their blockchain journey but didn't know where or how. This is your first step. Even if you have some knowledge, this course will bring you some clarity to what you know to fill-in the gaps.

By the end of it, you'll have the required knowledge to start working for companies that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. However you'll have to practice and apply the knowledge to consolidate it.

It's a 2-hour video where you'll learn the following:

- Variables: numbers, strings, bytes, arrays, structs and all the variations including the storage types. You'll understand how to initialize them, how state variables work and when to use the right types.

- Variables' visibility: how to setup the right visibility for your variables and how it changes your variables' behavior.

- Functions: the different visibility parameters, special types such as view, pure and payable, how gas works, when it is applied and custom parameters.

- Modifiers: why they are key for your Smart Contract permission management, how to apply them to your functions and the different options you have.

- Contract inheritance: with the "import" and "is" keywords. You'll see how to manage your contracts by being organized and productive.

- Tools:

-- Truffle: the most used Ethereum framework for Smart Contract and dApp development. You'll see how to set it up from scratch since it's a complex procedure. Then you'll deploy contracts with it after testing them.

-- Infura: a strong infrastructure company to give people instant access to the blockchain. You'll understand how to use infura and when it makes sense to use it.

-- Metamask: a powerful wallet that brings Ethereum to your browser. You'll see how to manage it from scratch, how to create accounts and connect to the blockchain on your browser.

-- Remix: the best coding IDE for Smart Contracts. You'll see how to use it properly with the different utilities so that you don't get lost in the process.

-- Solmerger: a utility to combine your contracts. Required to verify your code on etherscan. After researching many solutions, solmerger is the best in the market for contract merging because it's simple and efficient.

-- Etherscan: the top block explorer for Ethereum contracts. You'll learn to analyze transactions, verify contracts, read and write contracts and use the token interface.

-- Ganache: the best blockchain simulator for Ethereum blockchains. You'll use it to quickly test your contracts locally with truffle and remix.

-- Openzeppelin: an open source collection of contracts set as the standard by the Ethereum Fundation. You'll create a token based on those contracts from scratch. This will allow you to work for companies managing audited code and speed up your development process a thousand times.

After learning all those tools, you'll begin to deploy your contracts to the Ropsten network and to your local blockchain for quickly interacting with your recently created Smart Contract.

In this course you'll build a Blog Smart Contract for creating unique articles on the blockchain with functionality to transfer funds to a specific user. You'll see how to create it step-by-step from the beginning with visual and clear explanations as I show you from my own experience including special tricks that quickly help you understand why things are the way they are and how to develop for it.

As a final project, you'll create your own Ethereum ERC20 token to use it as your private currency so that you can trade it for whatever purpose you want. It's the most useful project you can create since tokens are here to stay and it will open you the doors to the many companies so that you can work with any standard dealing with custom Ethereum tokens.

So go ahead and buy this course because it will kickstart your success faster than any free article or video out there since it contains compressed, specialized knowledge from my years of experience working with contracts. You'll go from zero to a knowledgable developer extremely fast with this course.

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