Blockchain Internship Program

As you know, I've been creating content for a long while and now I'm looking to expand the business by hiring interns that want to build their experience and create a solid resume. I've worked on countless projects as a contractor so now I need people to help me complete the jobs faster while also working on private projects.

This internship is for you if:

- You are a beginner blockchain developer and want to get experience while working on real projects.

- You want to shortcut your learning curve by working alongside me to solve all of your questions. You'll be privately mentored and will receive advice from my experience as a blockchain expert working 3+ years in this field.

- Have strong written English skills meaning that you can write content without typos while expressing your ideas clearly. 

- Are passionate about blockchain and Ethereum development. You want to join this industry as a highly paid expert developer.

- You want to work on ICOs and get paid tokens after the fundraiser is successful.

- Are willing to work part-time or full-time at least 15 hours a week.

In this internship you will:

- Write Ethereum related guides. You need to be comfortable writing technical tutorials. You don't need experience, just the willingness to learn and put in the hard work required to get good.

- Create decentralized applications, Smart Contracts and web applications. Including complex projects such as creating decentralized exchanges, social media sites, decentralized ecommerce and IoT.

- Manage social media sites, recruit new people, become the leader of a small team among other tasks.

- You'll learn how to work and deliver Ethereum related jobs and how to get paid jobs by yourself once you have the experience. Essentially, a private mentorship program for free in exchange for your time.

This internship is meant to teach you by working on real projects in exchange for your time. You will not be paid until the 3 months of internship are completed. At the end of it, you'll receive a performance bonus meaning that the more work you get done, the higher the bonus you'll get although you shouldn't be joining to get paid, your intentions should be to join in order to get experience and learn from an expert while building a strong resume so that you become an expert.

A little bit about me: I worked on 15+ projects ranging from decentralized exchanges, social media sites, decentralized ecommerce, decentralized casino games, scalable smart contracts and ICOs. I've helped 2 companies raised half a million dollars with my code as a technical cofounder. I've written 2 books, the latter being the largest Ethereum guide on the planet. I run a successful blog that receives tens of thousands of views monthy, an email list of engaged developers and a facebook group of interested Ethereum programmers.

Overall, I know my stuff and I've been to many different places so when you work with me and my team, you'll be joining one of the greatest places to learn and become a blockchain expert in about 3 months.

This internship is limited to 5 developers so you need to be fast if you want to join the program.

If you're interested, fill the form below telling me a little bit about your career so that we can understand each other better. I'll then contact you personally and after signing the 3-month contract, you'll join the team if you fulfill the requirements. The phone number is optional although it will be used to talk via whatsapp or telegram so that we can communicate better.